Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Report by Wilson: road to the media lab!

It’s great to be back after a successful trip to Kenya. I’m really impressed with the team spirit in house and eagerness to learn more daily. Today was an important date on our calendar 15th September 2009 whereby we had planned for a parents, guardians, students and teachers meeting to share and get to know what we do as an organization.

Our students got an opportunity to share and show case what they have achieved in the last months, touching on past work and current work namely; course 1, 2 and 3 plus photos taken, post card design among others. Later we were able to watch the film that the team of students and teachers developed while learning film shooting and editing.

All students were awarded certificates for successfully completing a 4 months course in web design, filming and Photography. Next follows the media lab, last but not least all parents were given chance to share with the students a word or two whereby most of parents stressed on discipline, education, respect and seriousness for a better future. On a one to one talk with on of the parent I was inspired with what she told me, these are her words “I’m not rich but I’m rich at heart, without education you are nothing”.

Some of the pictures taken...

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