Monday, October 26, 2009

Career day by Zanzibits kids!

The last week Zanzibits got the invitation from the “Rotary club” to go at Haile Selasi secondary school for the career day which was on Saturday 17th of October 2009. The aim was to motive and connect the youth of Zanzibar with the companies, organizations, universities, colleges, business etc around Zanzibar. The target group were students who are going to finish their secondary education this year or early at 2010.

Zanzibits go a chance to make a presentation at career day whereby the two trainers (Salama and Wilson) and one student (Ashraff) were present to explain how to enroll to our course, importance of studying computers, and why Zanzibits and not any other place. The session was well received with a chance for question and answers. This is annual event and next year Zanzibits will be ready to do the same.

We expect a big turnout for interview for 2010 which starts early December 2009 and continues early January 2010.

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