Monday, October 26, 2009

Spice farm visit

On Friday we had the last excursion for 2009 at Kidjichi spice farm and Kizimbani spice farm in Zanzibar. Students learned a lot of things from Mr. Enock the tour guide from different types of spices and their benefits.

We got chance to taste, smell and feel the natural spices for example; cardamom, ginger, orange lemon etc. In the long list of benefits of spices they are used for medicinal purposes in treatment of many diseases, like we have “muarubaini” which is used for treating stomach upset, fever, malaria etc. The trip to spice farm gave the students a chance to explore and learn the importance of conserving trees and their benefits.

The sole purposes of the excursions are to connect the students with their environment and the society. The excursion also helps the students to know their neighborhood, communities and the country as a whole. This creates a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that people face and be the change makers through making creative and innovative materials like websites, Blog, posters and short films.

Finally all the excursions are accompanied by fun, drinks, lunch and also act as a team building exercise between the peers. Thanks to everyone who makes these initiatives possible through theirs support. Asante sana!

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