Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Rotary Club of Zanzibar wants to work with Zanzibits students

This is a letter that the secretary of the Rotary Club Zanzibar sent me this afternoon... Nice :)

Dear Guy


Our Rotary club is having a careers day at Haile Selassie secondary school and we were wondering if there was someone from Zanzibits who would come to talk to the form 6 students about a career in media, web design and all the other things that you teach at Zanzibits. Do you think there could be someone available on the morning of Saturday 17th October between 9 and 1? They would need to be prepared to speak for about 15 minutes and then to answer questions. There could be about 60 students in the room so they would have to be cool with that!

If it is not possible, then no sweat but it would be great for this profession to be covered at the careers day.



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Anonymous said...

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