Sunday, October 4, 2009

The students are really getting professional

As most of you probably know, the people in Zanzibar call me Mussa, and this is an email that I received this morning from one of the students. I thought it nice to share, as I am really impressed with the level of professionalism the students are starting to show. I am sure that the class of 2009 will be as great as the class of 2008 :)

Wishing you all a good weekend,



Hi Mussa

I hope you do well.

Mussa, i want to inform you that i am the one who got a chance to meet with manager of GREEN GARDEN RESTAURANT. And showing him a webtemplate about his restaurant he like it and we meet again on Friday we talk about it, to make a Website for him. i told him that i am going to design a Website for x$ (dollar) and hosting will cost x$(dollar) so the total will be x$ (dollar). he says ok, but he ask me for log-in pages like log-in to yahoo or Facebook and pages for uploading his photos. I tell him that is not my level, he sayed is ok. i talled him that price for five link's up to saven. so he take my cellphone number , he whant to talk whith his team and he give me call.

All this informantion i am aready talk whith zanzibits team. so any new informantion i will late you know ok. Bye mussa.

Ashraff kalbany

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said said...

May be if they keep working hard than we did, they can be the best than we were! :)