Friday, October 2, 2009

Self esteem

Today we had a nice day whereby students presented there finding from the assignment give yesterday which was to visit companies, organization, schools etc. Each student was required to at least bring three materials for example business card, website address, post card, posters, brochures etc. In the presentation students shared their experience of how they introduced themselves, who they met, any challenges faced and also why they chose to visit that particular place.

The aim of this assignment was to urge the students to have self confidence which will improve their self esteem. Prior to the assignment the trainers gave the students some tips on how to express themselves when meeting a new person.

The materials were used as a base for invoking creativity and the trainer explain how flow of a brand in different material thus tips for general design.

Students will be working on the following in the coming months;

- Each student to develop a brand for their fictitious company which can be any
- Design logo for the company
- Come up with a creative name for the company
- Choose a good color scheme in regards to the business
- Design business card for the dream company
- Design poster for the dream company

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