Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fridays @ Zanzibits

When Friday comes we called it a ‘fun day’ at Zanzibits, whereby after sampling our favorite cuisines like ‘pilau kuku’ in the afternoon follows discussions, question and answer session and talent show etc. Students together with the staff members recite poems, sing or share a great story of learning experiences.

Through our Friday’s lunch program students and staff gets to share Zanzibar cuisine while having stories, which touches on what they like most either during the class or in their neighborhoods (Bububu, Kwerekwe, Shangani, Meli nne, Amani etc).

Stories like the current lessons, English football premier league and jokes does not go without mention. We always make learning more fun in and out of the class. Looking it in a serious perspective this are simple but powerful tools or initiative that binds the staff and students together thus it contributes to a great team.

Next week we are looking forward to our guest speakers and also watch the space for 14 student’s blogs online, design and published by students.

Students and staff having lunch together

Role play; Salum (student) and Salama (Trainer)

Students and staff having lunch together.

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mokol said...

Hi,Masaka Fatma Roba here I read the zanzibits blog and I love the Fun Friday post You need to invite ours for pilau kuku,and I see that the student are graduating this tomorrow being the 17th of dec my congratulations to all,it takes a lot for one to graduate a lot of scarifies i believe and hard work and each and every one's vision in achieving something in their lives.Being your great day have fun and be happy to be where you are.keep it up zanzibits