Saturday, November 14, 2009

Registration deadline 2010 – Opportunity for all!

We have successfully registered 80 applicants in our database who visited our offices to enquire on our recruiting process for 2010. The next step that will follow is one to one interviews to know more about the students. All students will be given a questionnaire to fill to evaluate them on general knowledge and understanding.

Due to limited space and resources not all will make it unfortunately, but there are 30 spaces up for grab. The first class will start with 15 students in January and another 15 students in February respectively. Given the support we would like to expand and give more opportunities to the underprivileged youth around Zanzibar, as witnessed in the first phase of our interview process.

Next week the trainers will be short listing the 80 applicants based on their geographical location, age, occupation and most important gender. Zanzibits is an organization for all genders and we thrive to encourage both boys and girls to take education seriously and give it a higher priority in life. We also create channels for all underprivileged youth around Zanzibar who have the interest and passion to learn but without the means to express themselves in the digital world thus fostering interaction between them and the youth around the world through their creative works.

We take this opportunity to thank the staff and the class representatives for helping in the process as away of teamwork and sharing responsibilities. Secondly we thank everyone who showed interest in joining Zanzibits as far as Bubu bubu, Vuga, Kwa Ali Musha, Saateni, Kikwajuni, Sebleni, Tumbatu, Jumbi, Beitras etc

All the best in the next phase!

Focus and shoot; Zanzibits students in the field during video session this year.

Salama Hajji ( Zanzibits trainer) sharing with the youth how to enroll to our courses

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