Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ICT for Development class

Today we had a guest speaker from ICT4D (Information Communication Technology for Development), Mr. Fritz, who came to share with us his software engineering experience. He started by explaining to the students the importance of learning software engineering, also he told the students that it is not easy to learn such subjects and that students who want to know more about this knowledge should study hard through online resources, books etc. in order to understand the important oundation of web application. He also explained the aim of the Zanzibits support course (ICT4D) which is to help Zanzibar youth build web applications.

Mr. Fritz encouraged learning by doing and having passion in your work. On the other hand he urged the students to look for internships around Zanzibar and if possible oversee (subject to many factors) that will give them a better foundation to learn different work ethics and cultures. During his study he traveled to Newzealand and work there for six months that he said helped him a lot from planning, meeting deadlines, experiencing another culture etc.

During the session students were also advised to learn many subjects (dynamic or flexible) but also to master what they can do best and keep in focus with the latest trends in ICT through following online forums, blogs and other important website.

The session ended well with the objective of the day met and everyone very enthusiastic in learning more. One critical area that Mr. Fritz ended the session with was how to deal with clients and the answer is always know what you can do, how you can to it, when you can do it, and How much it will cost you? before you say YES.

Check out our blog for more guest teacher... on the list we have Leonda who will talk about aesthetics in design this coming Thursday. And, another opportunity for the students, Zanzibits support is going to have a new class in January 2010 and Mr. Fritz advised the students to join the course if they are passionate about software engineering.

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