Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr. Leander's class

To conclude the list of our guest lectures for 2009, we had Mr. Leander from Germany who is currently visiting Zanzibar and has got experience in aesthetic in design.

The session started on time and everyone ready with their pens and notebooks to make important notes for future reference. Come to think of design as a subject, we have other arrays of design for example fashion design, website design, interior design, furniture design etc. The base of all this, you have to plan and consider important points like color coordination, purpose etc.

During the session the students got to understand the importance of addressing this key points before you start designing and developing your websites that is; (Here examples and illustrations were used focusing on a fantasy website project for a hotel in stone town):

1. Needs of the company or organization.
2. Competence: Example a nice sunset view of the hotel.
3. Attitudes/ slogan / tagline: Example pole pole, hakuna matata
4. Constitution: Here you have to consider if it is a company, private enterprise, NGO etc.
5. Temperament: Example relaxed
6. Origin: example colonize club.
7. Interest: example happy customers.
8. Time frame: How long will it take? Etc…

The session ended by pointing out the importance of writing good content, as someone said and I quote “Content is the King”.

The wide spread of ICT in terms of accessibility is growing rapidly, ask yourself between the year 1999 – 2000 how many youth were able to access computers? Zanzibits has been in the fore front to provide both accessibility and knowledge to all the underprivileged youth in Zanzibar, who have the passion to learn and contribute positively in narrowing the digital gap.

We look forward to more guest lectures next year 2010. And in a special way thanks to everyone for making it a success. For anyone who wants to share with the youth any subject in ICT for example in marketing, job search, writing skills etc. Please do contact us through our email

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