Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 students graduate... Congratulations!!!

The Zanzibits Media Lab class of 2009 graduated. Congratulations!!!

The ceremony, which was held at Baitul Yamin Bwawani, near Stone Town, on 17th of December 2009, was a great success. It was at once a happy day and a sad day…

It was a very busy day for the Zanzibits students and staff. We started with the decoration, cleaning and arranging of the hall according to the amount of guests that had accepted our invitation. Then we set up the generator, because of the power problem we are experiencing in Zanzibar at this time. We finished with installing the sound system, the beamer and finally we hung up our banner above the front door.

The graduation started at 4:15 in the afternoon, when the MC (Miss Salama, one of our administrators and trainers) started by explaining the program of the day. Then she welcomed all the guests, students, staff, family and of course the guest of honor, the mayor of Zanzibar. Wilson Masaka, who has now left to Kenya again, translated Salama’s welcoming words into English, for our foreign guests.

After the short introduction of the Zanzibits team, the director of Zanzibits, Mr. Guy Mullens, give a small speech about history and aims of Zanzibits, and congratulated the students on a job well done. After that students start to presented their work. They had prepared a fictive dream company for which they had to come up with a logo, a business card, a poster and of course a website. All the presentations were done in English, and all were impressed by how much the students learned in only one year’s time.

After the student presentations, the Guest of honor, Mayor of Zanzibar Mr. Mehbubu Juma, give a small speech directed at the students, stressing the fact that they should work hard, and do their level best to go on with further training and not to be satisfied with only one year of training at Zanzibits. The message was: work hard, study hard, and you will grow. Thank you, Mr. Juma.

After the speech the guest of honor awarded the certificates to the students, one by one, and you could see the pride in their eyes. And even though some students came from afar, their families and friends were there to encourage them and there was much clapping and rejoicement.

There were also reporters from different media present, like TVZ, STAR TV, TBC and STZ, who were all well impressed. And as mentioned earlier, it was somehow a sad day. This was partly because of the electricity problems, but mostly because the students realized that this was their last day within Zanzibits, which has become their family, over the past 12 months. But that is the way the cookie crumbles :)

Finally, we would like to extend a great big thank you to all the people who have made the graduation party to be great day, and a special thanks to the Zanzibits team for the good organization.

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