Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I want to share something real quick...

On the day of the graduation, which was held last week, the owner of the hall where we held our festivites came to me and had the following to say (freely translated from African/Zanzibari English):

"... when your administrators (by them he meant Salama and Mbarak) came to me to rent my hall for a graduation party for a school I had never heard of, I was sceptical. They looked to me like kids, not older than 25, and in our culture it is not normal to have such youngters organise anything. I asked them if I could speak to their supervisor, to which they replied that they WERE the supervisors, and that if I wanted to rent out the hall, I would have to discuss with them. Of course money is money, and I agreed, but I thought to myself, this will be a disaster.

Little did I know. I can say that, after having witnessed the proceedings of today, that I have never, and I really mean never, witnessed such a well organised and serious bunch of people that have rented my hall. I can say that I am impressed ..."

One thing about this:

Salama and Mbarak, congrats on a job so, so very well done. I'm proud of you.


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