Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Interviews start in earnest for 2010 classes

Today we started the one to one interviews with the students, this is the second stage and a continuation of the already started process of recruiting new students for 2010 (Zanzibits students recruiting process).

The first round involved registration and data entry in the database which helped in filtering the targeted students, then later a fair distribution was done based on gender, age and location to short list the first 50 students to be interviewed out of 80 applicants. These interviews will run from 30th November 2009 - 10th December 2009. If we successful select 32 (the results must be satisfactory) students out of 50 to be interviewed, we shall convene an orientation session which will give all the students a chance to ask more questions.

All the selected students will be invited to the Media lab graduation that will take place at Baitul Alyamin at Bwawani starting from 4pm on the 17th December 2009, all are welcome. Here are some remarks from the panel of trainers conducting the interviews. ‘It is a good start and we are impressed with students so far...’

From left to right: Mbarak (trainer), Wadi (prospective 2010), Salama (trainer) and Wilson (Interim project Manager).

Salama Hajji (trainer) stressing an important point during the interview.

Interviewees filling questionnaires…

All the best to all the students attending the interviews, quick tips, relax and be on time :)

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