Saturday, January 9, 2010

“Pull up your socks guys you will reach the level”

The new intake of 2010 students started at Zanzibits this week. All students were eagerly waiting for this day to come. They were excited because they had seen the presented work of the 2009 students at their graduation when they made a presentation especially on a dream company. The new recruits made a promise that they will use their best efforts to be like or even better than, the 2009 graduates.

The day started by welcoming the new students to Zanzibits. It was then followed up with the introduction of the new assistant trainers ( Khamis and Rashid ). Salama was given the chance to explain the very important rules of Zanzibits. These covered important things like warning students not to bring a flash disk with them to class so as to avoid the introduction of viruses and also not bringing friends to the class etc. The trainers insist that the students must work as a team and respect each other because this is the way they can succeed in their cause together with the effort of learning.

The lesson was started by a warm up session whereby the trainer introduced a name game as an ice breaker. The students enjoyed this warm up because they got to know each other their names since they are new to Zanzibits, and did not know each other.

After the warm up game the trainers gave the new students learning materials like books, pens, pencils and bags for the lessons. After that formal lessons started and the students were introduced to computer terminology like definitions and other elements of it.

In the afternoon session the new students learnt how to use the mouse and its function and were given an exercise to practice using the mouse. At the end of the day students were happy with the lessons

Keep going guys!

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