Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lot two student excursion: Stone Town Tour with Historian Farid

The first excursion for the Lot 2 students took them on a historical tour of Stone Town. Students had the opportunity to see and learn of different aspects of Zanzibari history, with its extensive gallery of famous characters ranging from the slave trader Tippu Tip to international rock star Freddie Mercury. Meeting with one of the oldest citizens in town, Mr Salum Mohammed, added to the experience with his wealth of knowledge and memories.

The outing began at school with a short lecture on Stone Town history and proceeded with a three hour walk through the alleyways of this ancient city.

The excursion was thoroughly enjoyed and the students, clad in traditional Zanzibari clothing, caught the attention of passersby in the streets. A small meal of the classic soup, Urojo, was heartily consumed as an end to the day out. All participants were very happy with the tour that gave them both enjoyment and a new understanding of their capital. A power point presentation will complete the exercise.

ZanziBits wishes to thank historical lecturer Mr. Farid for his excellent contribution to our education.

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