Monday, March 15, 2010

Zanzibits staff organise the visuals for the Zanizibar Free Drugs Foundation @ Africa House

Last week we received an invitation to participate in a fundraiser to help those addicted to drugs in Zanzibar. The event was promoted by the youth organization the Zanizibar Free Drugs Foundation, who has dedicated themselves to eliminate the spread and use of drugs in Zanizibar.

The event was held in the Africa House at the Hotel Zanzibar at which, Zanzibits gave a slide show presentation highlighting the daily activities that the organization has provided to those youth that have given up on their drug habits and have decided to participate in the program.

All Zanzibits staff participated and were aided by many people who have all volunteered their time and donations to the organization and have been successful in raising the required rent for the group’s temporary housing settlement.

The success of the fundraising event, combined with the efforts of all the volunteers, has provided a great opportunity for many youths to free themselves from drug use and to pursue a new life free from that terrible burden.

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