Friday, February 5, 2010

Second PTA meeting of 2010

We had a meeting with the parents of the second batch of course one students at Zanzibits last week. The aim of this meeting was to introduce the Zanzibits concept to them, its staff and what their children will be doing and learning during the first month at school.

They were really surprised to see that the trainers were of the same age as their children, but we explained that, yes, this NGO is for youths and powered by youths, so it isn’t important to look at age but look at quality! And in the end of the day, it’s all about learning.

The meeting started by the introduction of the Zanzibits staff, which was then follow by a short history of how Zanzibits got started. Then we went on to our course setup, and explaining the whole process of selecting students. We also got the chance to tell them about the aims and achievements that we have set for ourselves in the past and for the future.

The parents had the chance to give us their opinion on how to maybe improve this program for Zanzibar youth, and some of them asked general questions. Of course the staff was well prepared, and in spite of their age, managed to answer all questions in a very professional matter.

In the end, the parents gave out their big thanks to the founder of the NGO, because it helps the Zanzibari youths a lot.

Well, that is always nice to hear, and we do it with great pleasure :)

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