Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ecursion to Television Zanzibar

Zanzibits students went on an excursion to Television Zanzibar, one of the Media/TV Companies on the island. The aim of this trip was to make students relate what they have learned in school to the real-live situation at a Media/TV company. TVZ was chosen because it relates to the curriculum of course two at Zanzibits, where students learn about multimedia.

We were taken around by Mr. Buriani Mzee Ali, a senior employee of TVZ. He showed us the whole building and things like the control room, news room and a studio. He also showed us how the system is working and programs are broadcasted on television. Also students made some practice by reading the news and editing it.

Students got the chance to ask questions, such as when TVZ started, who was the founder, and how they fix problems, especially when the program is on Air.

Everyone agreed it was a great en interesting excursion and everyone was happy about it.

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