Friday, April 2, 2010

Wilson has somthing to say!!

In the two weeks that I worked with the ZB team (students, trainees and students) I have seen immense growth, talents and potential in the team, and if natured the way we are doing it the performance will hit the skies. What I liked most is the team spirit (I have been stating this several times) and the general organization culture cultivated within Zanzibits. These are virtues within Zanzibits just to mention a few;

• Respects for each other.
• Understanding.
• Assistance.
• Willingness to learn and grow.
• Ready to listen.
• Working as a team

It was an honor to be given another chance to work with Zanzibits of which on a personal side the experience acquired always makes me better and better, on the other hand realizing my other potentials in me and in my workmates. Though somebody said there isn't anyone who is perfect, and I agree with it. I’m yet to meet one person who is perfect, but all the challenges that we encounter make us stronger and even explore the champion in ourselves.

The students this time are amazing! I like their courage, charisma and passion. I noted that they have their own organized sessions early morning whereby they come up with debates and to make it more interesting it is in English. This is a great team spirit through learning by doing and I guess this year’s students have good English and good presentations skills, I stand to be corrected but these sentiments were also shared with the team.

Thanks for your great work, once again, Wilson, and we hope to see you again soon!

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