Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Master trainer Wilson part of the team again, be it only for a short while!

Wilson (Masaka) from Nairobi is part of the zanzibits team again. After a period of three months that he was away in Kenya (see our older blog posts about how sad were were when he left), he is back to support us. He will be with the team for two weeks, and his job is to give us more training, teach us the tricks and trades of being better trainers and of course bring us the in’s and out’s of how we can be even better office administrators and bookkepers.

We are very sure that in these two weeks we are going to learn a lot from his experience.

Next week on Monday we expect to get another guest teacher, who’s name is Mr. Jaak, from Holland. He is also coming to strengthen the team. Some of his tasks will be to help out with general office administration, establishing the new computer class for the Al Ryiami students (Al Riyami Bits) and also helping the trainers by giving them more training experience.

We are looking forward to meet him in real life, and not only via email and skype!

Finally, we would like to thank the director of this NGO for making a good plan in which we can build a great team and learn a lot.


Guy aka Mussa said...

Well, Wilson, am really happy to see you back in front of the class, supporting Salama and Mbarak, giving Khamis and Rachid some good lessons and hopefully playing a lot of football.

I like :)

said said...

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I know Masaka and all Zanzibits team are very nice guys I give them 5 Stars for this! :)

Thanks Guys.

Said Suleiman Juma