Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not only about work...

Fun Friday! Last week we were hosted by the Kamanda camp at the Daraja Bovu estate for a football rematch. This was a follow-up to our win of last year, when the match was played in our neighborhood in Maisara.

The much-awaited rematch kicked off on time, and everyone gave their best to see that we would win again. This year our team is stronger -- not to say that last year’s team wasn’t good -- but the Zanzibits team keeps on getting better year after year. This isn’t just in football but also in class work.

After ninety minutes of play Zanzibits were leading 3 – 1, thanks to fantastic goals from teacher Wilson (2 goals) and Ashraff (1 goal), which leaves the Zanzibits team unbeaten so far. Our second match will take place at the Maisara field this Friday against Al-riyami Academy.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Jaak Aquarius from the Netherlands to the Zanzibits fun club.

Each Friday we arrange for a learning exchange, indoor or outdoors, through sports, debates, role plays, swimming, lessons in life skills, guest lecturers, etc. We try to keep all our alumni informed of these events, and they can get up-to-date information from our social network platform. Check it out at

Zanzibits is more than a multimedia training institution -- there is more to learn, share, and experience, having fun together as a team!

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