Friday, May 7, 2010

Assistant trainers are on the move

Assistant trainers have started leading classes themselves, with the main trainers always there to help.

Starting this week the students learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. After the students had finished their design of neighbourhood project, this lesson was to learn how to develop their websites and make them functional. Everyone was looking forward to this lesson.

Class began with an introduction and a question-and-answer session about the previous lesson. Next, the trainer showed a warm-up to the students.

Then the lesson started and the topic was Adobe Dreamweaver.The trainer asked if anyone knew what Adobe Dreamweaver could do. Some of the students offered responses, but nobody knew the exact answer, so the trainer explained that Dreamweaver is a program that allows you to design, develop, and maintain websites.

All the students were very interested and excited to see their final sites instead of just the design in Photoshop. The students also learned the history of Dreamweaver, how the program was developed, and was shown examples of how it can work. The trainer gave the students an assignment to work on in Dreamweaver, inserting images in rows and columns.

By the end of the lesson the students were becoming familiar with the software and were eager to move on with the next step.

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