Saturday, May 1, 2010

The first project of course three started

The neighborhood project is under way.

Every student has come up with their own unique ideas and has created different design templates for each project. The design templates explain what each project entails and how they are practiced in the students' respective neighborhoods.

These are the sixteen neighborhood projects they are working on:

  • Mkele Dress Maker
  • Constructor Group in Ziwatuwe
  • Mobile Phone in Magomeni
  • Jumbi Farming Sector
  • Environment of Darajabovu
  • Sports at Saateni
  • Mombasa Sign Writer
  • Kwahani Trade
  • Water Problem Sebleni
  • Youth Activities Mwembetanga
  • Fishing Bububu
  • Bububu Carpentry
  • Stone Town Tourism
  • Pastoralistm Amani
  • Car Transport Mwanyanya
  • Barber Shops Miembeni

We look forward to seeing where these projects will take our students. Stay tuned for updates…

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