Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Excursion Spice Farm and Nungwi Aquarium

Zanzibits went on an excursion last week to the Zanzibar Spice Farm and Nungwi Aquarium. The students hoped to learn about different species of spices and explore the natural world.
At the Kizimbani Zanzibar Spice Farm, the students were given a tour by Mr. Ramadhan, who showed them the whole farm and taught them about spices. The students smelled, tested and asked lots of questions about spices.
At the Nungwi Aquarium, the students learned about the life of a sea tortoise. The students were thrilled when they were given the chance to feed and touch the tortoises.
The aquarium also is home to lots of historical sea life, like the bones of a whale who died in 1998, which the students appreciated.
It was a great excursion and everybody learned a lot!

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