Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday Fun and Football

Last Friday, Zanzibits played a friendly football match versus Vikokotoni Secondary School. The game was held at Mnazi Mmoja pitch. Our opponents were delayed in arriving so the game got off to a very late start, but everyone involved had a great time nonetheless.
The Zanzibits film teachers played in this match – one of them, Rene, was goalkeeper. The spectators were very excited to see what was going to happen on the playing field.

At 10:30 am, the referee blew the starting whistle. The Vikokotoni strikers drove quickly to attack our goal but due to the strong defence of the Zanzibits team, led by stopper Hassan, Vikokotoni attacks ended with Rene.

Our side had a tough time at first, but 28 minutes into the first half Zanzibits posted 2 goals, scored by Jaku after he received a penetration pass from attacking middle-fielder Khamis. The opposition was discouraged and Zanzibits led 2-nil until half time.

At break time Zanzibits made a few personnel changes, taking off some players and bringing on others. The changes worked well for the Zanzibits team and helped us score two more goals.

Vikokotoni came back with two goals after the opponents' strikers dribbled the ball from the center of the field and penetrated the Zanzibits defence, making the scoreboard read 4-2.
At the final whistle, Zanzibits won 4-2. All the participants were satisfied with the outcome, because the refereeing had been fair, and everyone was happy -- especially the victorious Zanzibits team.

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