Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodbye Film Teachers

After a month and a half of classes together, the students and trainers at Zanzibits were feeling sad that their time together was coming to a close.

They took time to reflect on their projects and to say goodbye to each other. But most importantly, they wanted to thank each other for the special time they spent together in Zanzibar.

Two students dressed in the cultural attire of Zanzibar (bui bui and kanzu), and on behalf of the whole class they prepared special speeches and poems as gifts to the trainers and to one another. These gifts were to say thanks for the hard work and cooperation they learned during their classes.

After those speeches, the HKU students also gave a speech to say thanks to the team and the other students for make them feel at home. They were also thankful for the team spirit of the class, which contributed to their success with their projects.

We hope that all of the students learned a lot from their experiences and that they will use their new skills to help fulfil their ambitions in the future.

In addition, students and staff had gifts from the film teachers because they felt that they learned a lot from the students and staff, especially about Zanzibar culture, which made them feel at home.

Currently, the students back on their normal class schedule and continue with their cultural project that was started a few days before the film class.

Welcome again HKU students, this is your home now!

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