Monday, July 26, 2010

The Visitors from University of Southern California Annenberg School (U.S.A)

Zanzibits was recently visited by two guests from University of Southern California, Annenberg School. This is one of the most famous and respected schools in the U.S.A. Mr. Benjamin (Ben) Stokes, who is a researcher on the project "Mobile Voices" (, and his mom Christine Abbott Stokes who is a teacher at Walker School.

They knew nothing about Zanzibits before visiting. Mr. Ben said that he heard about it from his sister Mrs. Maddy who is an American teacher working at Alriyami Academy in Stone Town, Zanzibar. So they decided to visit us to see what Zanzibits does.

They saw the different student works like the neighborhood websites, posters, films that they made among other things. The trainer also explained to them about Zanzibits' new partnership class, Alriyamibits.

They were very impressed with the growth of the Zanzibits program. They said that from what they had seen, the students have been doing amazing work!

Ultimately, Mr. Ben and Mrs. Christine were able to interview some students and trainers and they plan to post the video from the interviews on their website, so million of viewers will see it online! We are very lucky because this is great for Zanzibits, it's another step towards being known around the world!

In the end, our guests were very grateful to have seen such inspirational ideas from their time with us at Zanzibits. And they've asked to remain in touch with us from now on.

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