Friday, September 17, 2010

Visitors from Muscat

We at Zanzibits had some very special guests last week. Chris and Dale, an Australian couple who live in Muscat came to see our NGO. They have been supporters of our partners, the charitable school located at Bwejuu Zanzibar they were excited to visit us and to learn about the work we are doing here after they visited our website and blog.

Salama welcomed them and introduced them to our staff. She gave them a history of Zanzibits and filled them in on our recent achievements. After that, she took them on a tour of the premises and showed them the Zanzibits classroom, the Alriyamibits classroom and our meeting room.

We were very excited when they stayed and watched the movie that we made with Zanzikids and the HKU school in Holland. They thought it was great!
Our guests were excited and impressed with our work and that made us feel great!

They promised to come back and visit next time they are in Zanzibar and we can't wait to see them!

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