Friday, October 1, 2010

TOT Training at the Sirajatul Khairia Charitable School in Bwejuu

The Zanzibits team got a chance to participate in Teaching of Trainers (TOT), giving computer lessons at Al Madrasa-tul Sirajatul-Khairia in Bwejuu, Zanzibar.
The Sirajatul Khairia school is a charitable organization that provides orphan children with hope, love, and attention. The children attend class during school hours and are taught through the generous help of volunteers.

The school currently offers instruction from pre-school to class four, with nine volunteer teachers, who all required teacher training. After the TOT they will be able to operate and maintain the school's computer system, which was provided by an organization in Oman.

Zanzibits Center for Film and Multimedia donated the week-long teacher training (TOT), which consisted of an introduction to the computer and the basic use of programs such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop, as well as use of the internet and photography. Zanzibits also offered to make the school a website, which will be online soon.

Everyone at the Sirajatul-Khairia school was very kind and welcoming and full of hospitality.

By the end of the class, all the volunteer teachers were familiar with the computer and were doing well with the course material. They were pleased with the class and hope that they will be able to teach their students according to the lessons they learned from the Zanzibits team.

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