Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wilson’s Arrival

Wilson is a web developer and trainer with Nairobits. In previous visits to Zanzibits, he has given lessons to both students and trainers. This time he focused just on the trainers, offering advice on administration, HR issues, managing staff and students, problem solving, bookkeeping, finances, and back-end management.

In other words, making sure all the elements are in place so the 2011 year can start with flair: deciding on the selection procedure for the 2011 group, working on internal communication, conducting the Media Lab course, assigning each staff member a specific task list, and other administrative affairs.

Wilson also spared some time from administrative training to teach the trainers some technical stuff.

Now it will be up to the Zanzibits team to accomplish its mission and fulfill its vision. We are going to miss you, Wilson, but won't forget you. You will always stay in our hearts, and we will be able to spread the knowledge that you have shared with us.

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