Friday, October 22, 2010

The Dream Company Project

Just because school is officially closed until October 25 doesn't mean that the Zanzibits students are on vacation!

The Alriyami students are taking national exams, so we were supposed to close school for a one month, and the Zanzibits students are working on the final project of course four (the media lab), the Dream Company when they are at home.

It's an exciting project, as the students are working more independently to come up with ideas for their own "Dream Company." They are doing their own research and developing their own creative ideas from analogue to digital.

When school officially reopens, the students will present their research and establish three brands and then will begin sketching and digitally designing their ideas.

The students are excited for October 27, because that's the day that Ania, a teacher from France, arrives and she will begin a 16 day lesson in Photograph. The students are looking forward to learning and becoming skilled in this program, and will apply their newfound knowledge to their Dream Company project and use it to create websites, logos, posters and business cards to promote and market their brand.

The Dream Company project will be presented on December 16 at the media lab graduation, which will be held at the Baytul Yamin Hall on Malindi St, next door to the Bwawani Hotel.

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