Thursday, October 28, 2010

The dream Company and Branding Presentation

On the first day of school the students' lesson starts with branding assignments. The students do research on different companies and then choose three products from those companies. Once they have chosen their products they do additional research on the specific products highlighting color separation, design and layout.

The trainer gives a short introduction of the presentation along with the lesson. Then all the students present their branding research along with the name of their dream company.

After the student presentations, the trainer makes some corrections and shows them how to come up with an idea of making a brand for a company according the design rules. Additionally, the students start the design sketching of their dream company using tools like logo design, website development, flayers, posters and business cards.

This lesson helps the students to develop their thinking skills and come up with their own ideas. It also helps them choose a design for the last project, a "Dream Company" with their own branding.

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