Friday, October 29, 2010

Tanzania Election

On October 31, Tanzanian people will go to the polls and place their votes. With national elections just around the corner, the candidates and their supporters are busy campaigning and explaining their platforms to the voters.

It is an exciting time for our country, as we are embracing democracy. There are more political parties, like the AFP and TADEA. The media has been advertising the importance of voting and educating people about how to cast their votes. Candidates also have had equal access to the media in their campaigns, and every candidate has had the opportunity to publicly introduce themselves and their ideas to the people. Perhaps the best news is that, unlike in elections past, there has been no political violence and people have been campaigning in peace.

In past election years, there was political violence in Zanzibar as people prepared for the elections, but not this time. All of the campaigning has been peaceful and secure.
These are good signs for our country, because it shows that our people are embracing democracy and becoming involved in the political process.

Campaigning officially ends on October 30. On October 31, the Tanzanian people will choose their new leader. We all hope that it is someone who is fairly elected and who will bring development to our country. Above all, we all hope that our elections are as peaceful as the campaigns have been.
God bless Tanzania and its islands.

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