Thursday, January 20, 2011

A strong team in Bits family Job opportunity for zanzibits Trainer

Exciting things are happening!  The three bits – Zanzibits, Nairobits and Mamabits (and Musoma) have joined together as one – Mamabits, and after much discussion, have hired our very own Zanzibits trainer, Khamis seif Aliy to work at the new school in Musoma.
Khamis will travel to Nairobi for 2 weeks of TOT training, under the supervision of Wilson Masaka and Rukia Sebits, who were the first Zanzibits trainers.  After training, he will go to Musoma to work at the new office.
Khamis will work for 6 months as the main trainer and coordinator at the new school.
We at Zanzibits are very proud that one of our own has been given this amazing responsibility to leave Zanzibar and to run a much larger program. 
Congratulations to Khamis!  Keep up the hard work.  We know that you are going to make us proud!

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