Monday, January 31, 2011

Lot One Students Exam

At the end of the first month of class of 2011, sixteen students took an exam to evaluate how well they have understood the lessons so far. They took the exam in the morning and the results were given out not long afterward.

The students were eager to take the exam and did very well. They were pleased, not only to have performed well, but also because it gave them confidence to continue learning.
In the afternoon the students had the second part of their exam. Trainer Rashid burned a CD with the work the students have done in the first month of the Zanzibits course, which will be give to them as a backup.

Friday will be the day of the mini graduation. All students will arrive at 9:00 in the morning. The ceremony starts at 10 o'clock and Salama will open the graduation ceremony by welcoming the guest of honor, the students, the parents and the staff.
She will ask the students to come forward in alphabetical order and present their work.

After the presentations, the guest of honor will reward the students with their certificates.

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