Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zanzibar Bottlers Excursion

This week, as a part of our lessons, Zanzibits took an excursion to a bottling company called Zanzibar Bottlers. After the trip students were asked to do a power point presentation illustrating what they had learned.

When we arrived at 10am we were greeted by company staff and were made to feel welcomed. The management coordinator, Mr. Ibrahim A Haji, treated us to a history lesson all about the company and the bottling industry both in Zanzibar and in East Africa.

Once known as Kiwanda Cha Soda, the bottling company that eventually changed their name to Zanzibar Bottlers was the first of its kind as well as the most famous in the area. It was established back in 1977.

Zanzibar Bottlers was chosen as the site for our first Zanzibits excursion so that students could learn how the bottling industry works and how it benefits the community at large. While at the company, we learned how soda is produced, how it is transformed from water to soda, and how the actual bottles are prepared for use. Additionally, we learned both good and bad effects of soda on the human body.

Both Zanzibits students and teachers enjoyed the experience very much, almost as much as we enjoyed all the free soda we could drink! We certainly learned a lot!

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