Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mini graduation course 1 lot 1 2011

Zanzibits held a mini-graduation for the first batch of the students on January 28, 2011. After working for a month the students presented their projects to teachers and parents, demonstrating the basic lessons of the course – this included the programs Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, and Adobe Photoshop, as well as use of the internet.

The mini-graduation began with an introduction of the staff to the parents, and followed with a short history of Zanzibits. These were organized by our coordinator, Miss Salama.

During the presentation each student was allotted five minutes to present his/her work. Most presented posters or business cards, although some students presented a formal letter or a Power Point document.

The guest of honor was Mr. Zahor, the assistant head teacher at Al-Riyami Academy. He gave an inspiring speech, encouraging the students to stick to their goals and congratulating the students on what they had accomplished in such a short time. He proposed that the team should accept more than sixteen students per year, and then finished by awarding the certificates to the students.

Parents also got the chance to ask some questions and offer suggestions to the team.

Graduation concluded with a lot of celebration, photo taking, and fun!

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