Friday, February 11, 2011

Training of Trainers (TOT) in Nairobi

Zanzibits recruited one of its trainers to attend Training of Trainers (TOT) lessons in Nairobi at Nairobits Trust (Digital Design School) for two weeks. That trainer was Khamis.
The course ran from January 17-28, 2011. Khamis spent almost two weeks being trained by the Nairobits trainers on the different ways to apply ICT digital multimedia.

The aim of the course was to increase the participants' familiarity with training, administration, program planning, reporting, and technical issues. Upon finishing the course, the next step for Khamis was to go to the Musoma center in Tanzania, where he is now. In Musoma he is serving as the main trainer, running the program. Class just started on February 8.

In the first week at Nairobits, Khamis was welcomed by the new team and introduced to the staff and students, and familiarized with the structure of their program. This helped him to understand the program and its operation, and illustrate his duties and responsibilities at the 'bits.

Following is a list of the activities of Khamis's first week at Nairobits:
• Participated in the Nairobits Media Lab interviews as an observer, but also had the chance to interview the students
• Participated in the Course Two orientation as an observer at FHOK (Family Health Options Kenya)
• Participated in the Mukuru Media Lab interviews as an observer and also held interviews at Nairobits
• Participated in the Media Lab orientation as an observer at Mukuru kwa Reuben.
• Participated in the Course Two class starting at FHOK (Family Health Options Kenya).
• Participated in the Media lab class starting at Mukuru kwa Reuben
• Participated in the Media lab class starting at Nairobits
• Learned the Nairobits training methodology
• Became familiar with the student/lesson evaluation, lesson plan, exam setting, and marking, and viewed some records

Over the weekend, Wilson and Victor gave Khamis a tour of Nairobi and its environs, visiting various places and heading out of town to see some of the surrounding sights.

During the second week, Khamis experienced and became familiar with the following:
• Participated in the Course One interviews as an observer and also interviewed at Nairobits
• Learned about entrepreneurship, life skills, and employability (IYF)
• Participated in the start of Course One at one of the centers
• Explored marketing techniques at the Musoma center, for example, newsletters, attending exhibitions, conferences, blog, website, etc.
• Met different heads of departments, including library/store keeping
• Student selection process/criteria
• CBO (Community Based Organization) selection criteria
• Community channel The curriculum of ICT Multimedia
• Bookkeeping and account reporting

Additionally he visited three information centers around Nairobi -- FHOK, Mukuru, and Marurui Community Resource Centre. In these organizations (part of the 'bits family) he had the opportunity to meet with the students, interacting with them and asking questions.

After demonstrating a thorough understanding of the program and fulfilling his lessons successfully, Khamis signed a contract from Anne Ikiara (Nairobits' General Manager) for one year, committing to working at the Musoma center in Tanzania.

As was expected, the lessons were excellent, motivating, and memorable. We know that Khamis will apply what he learned at Nairobits in Musoma for a very successful project.


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