Monday, February 14, 2011

Course One Lot Two

After the mini graduation for the course one students, the second lot, who also follow the first course, started. The session began with the introduction of the trainers. After that, the students introduced themselves and we reviewed the Zanzibits rules and regulations, including the respectful treatment of each other.

Once the students had been issued workbooks, folders, rulers, and pens, Rashid (Trainer) started on the first lesson. Before the lesson, however, there was a warm up game we call The Name Game. This games gives the students and the staff the chance to get to know each other, as it was their first day at school.

The lesson was about the introduction of computer and how a computer network works. The trainer asked the students to describe what they understood about computers.

After a discussion, the trainer provided a short history of the computer and an overview of its different parts, as well as tips on using the mouse and typing on the keyboard. Many students have never used a computer before, so the course was fun and interactive.

The students got a chance to see what a computer looks like on the inside and learned about each component and its particular function.

The lesson finished when the trainer handed out homework: sketch a computer and its components. Secondly, the students were given the assignment to write their background information.
The lot two students are going to finish at the end of February. After that, the trainers are going to evaluate them and chosen sixteen students who are going to continue with the rest of the Zanzibits course.

Good luck to all of you.

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