Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zanzibits Workshop: The establishment of The UN-Habitat Youth Fund

It was a great weekend for Zanzibits! We were invited to a workshop to discuss the establishment of the UN-Habitat youth fund in Zanzibar

This fund promotes the poverty reduction aims of Millennium Development Goals and the Habitat Agenda for better, more sustainable and equitable towns and cities throughout the developing world.

The fund provides a grant of up to $25,000 USD to lead projects by piloting innovative approaches to employment, good governance, shelter and secure tenure.
The meeting was presented by Professor Ana Tibaijuka, from the United Republic of Tanzania and also the founder of this fund for Tanzania, and the Minister of Environment and Progressive Development of Norway.

They insisted on utilizing the fund properly by equipping young people with creative and valuable skills like project management and team work, thus boosting their ability to acquire jobs and participate actively in society.

For an organization to be qualified for this grant, the following criteria must be considered:
• The organization must be led by young people aged 15-32.
• It must be registered and have registration number.
• It must have a bank account.
• There must be a yearly report on how the money is used.
• The organization must work on innovative and sustainable projects that impact the lives of young people.

This is a great opportunity for Zanzibits!! In 2011, our mission should be finding the local funds for our organization. And even if the fund is not exactly from Zanzibar and is only presented by the government of Zanzibar, it’s a start!

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