Tuesday, April 5, 2011

football match

Last Friday, Zanzibits played a friendly football match in Paris (Jaku’s neighborhood). The game was held in Mkele at the Urafiki sports club. Our opponents were delayed, so the game got off to a very late start, but everyone involved had a great time nonetheless. All Zanzibits teachers, students and alumni played.

At 10:30 am, the referee blew the starting whistle. The Zanzibits strikers drove quickly to attack their goal but due to the strong defense of the Paris team, led by stopper Iddi, they did not score.
The Zanzibits side had a tough time at first, and 28 minutes into the first half Paris posted 2 goals, scored by Mrisho, after he received a lovely pass from attacking middle-fielder Moudrich. Zanzibits was discouraged and Paris led 2-nil until half time.

At break time both Zanzibits and Paris made a few personnel changes, taking off some players and bringing on others. The changes worked well for the Paris team and helped them score seven more goals.

Zanzibits came back with one goal after the opponent’s winger dribbled the ball from the right of the field and penetrated the Paris defense, making the scoreboard read 9-1. At the final whistle, Paris 9 against Zanzibits 1. All the participants were satisfied with the outcome, because the refereeing had been fair, and everyone was happy - especially the victorious Paris team :)

Good game, guys!