Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Microsoft office class

As zanzibits has always been lucky to get volunteers from different sides of the world, and this time we got a lady from South Korea (Raina) who was very interested to volunteer for teaching the Microsoft Office package classes.

We normally introduce very basic knowledge of Microsoft office 2003 in course one. But the fourth year of zanzibits course is lucky to be introduced these matters a little bit deeper: we used the 2007 versionm thanks to Raina’s input.

Most of Tanzanian offices still use the 2003 version, but as the technology is developping, this new knowledge will be more useful and a better source to find jobs for our students.

The two weeks of teaching have become a big success for the students, who covered Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and little bit of database designing, using Access. Our intension is not to go deeper in this kind of knowledge, but some of the student are not interested to work in the film and web industries after finishing the courses, so we have decided to start a sub class focusing on the programming of databases and the likes, using MS Access.

This knowledge will help them to be employed by different companies as managers, book keepers, secretaries, presentations creators etc.

One among the major activities of the zanzibits courses is cultural exchange, where the students get a chance to understand a little bit of the South Korean culture. Actually it was a very wonderful lesson for both students and teacher because Raina also got the chance to understand many things about Zanzibar culture.

Thank you madam Raina, we will always remember you for your kindness.

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