Monday, August 15, 2011

New assignment for zanzibits Alumni

Two Zanzibits alumni have once again received the opportunity to work
abroad. This time, they have been asked to go to the Rhotia Valley, to
the Marera Primary school and work on the XO LAPTOP PROJECT.

Rhotia Valley Children's Home (RVCH) is a Non Government Organization
(NGO) in Karatu , that deals with the orphan children of Rhotia
village, to give them care, food and a good education in order for
them to sustain themselves in the future.

The project was established so to help change the future of students
by upgrading the analogue education system to a digital system by
giving the students computers (XO Laptops) with eBooks of all Primary
school books, including the pictures.
Now, they can use these laptops in the classroom, practice for exam
and learn other subjects.

Zanzibits alumni are helping to implement the multiple choice
questions and all the pictures from the analogue primary school books.
This assignment took them one month to complete before they send it to
Reinier Heeres, a Dutch software developer, who designed an
interactive quiz, which students will use in their lessons in the

And now the OPLC project need more Zanzibits alumni for and internship
to go on site and teach the Marera Primary school teachers how they
can use these XO laptops, and also to find a way how they can improve

Good going guys.

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