Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New zanzibits Projects - Zanzibits Club and Pajebits

Zanzibits is organizing a new project_Opening a computer school in Paje village(Pajebits) and zanzibits club, the club where by all zanzibits Alumni will be organized together,

Mbarak is the project coordinator he is the one who go different places to find the equipment for these two project.

One2one is our business partner that we always buy their products with the good price

Mbarak Project coordinator try to bargain in oder to get a good price

Making the calculation with the cashier

They are doing different calculation to make sure that they get the same answer

Project coordinator confirm with over all coordinator about the price

Payment process

Looking for a nice white board for the new class in Pajebits

The computer arrived at forodhani, the transportation was free from the shop to the place.

Computers were taken to school after arrive at forodhani

Looking for nice office table and chair for the new office(zanzibits club)

This is the perfect one

Opening the new computers for more confirmation if they are really good

Full computers with the complete tools ready for going Paje and for zanzibits Club!

Good job Mbarak!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice one!!! Looking good, Salama and Mbarak!