Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zanzibits with paperless

Technology is growing, and we can't stay behind! At Zanzibits, we have been thinking for many years to minimizing printings and the use of paper, and now it's time for an answer.

We normally print different materials such as hands outs, signing in and out forms and more, but now we have come with a solution to cut costs and save the environment as well: Google Docs, a free web based office suite and data storage service, offered by Google.

It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real time with other users. Google docs combines the features of Word, spread sheets, drawings and forms. Storage of files up to 1GB each in size was introduced in 2010, so we have all the space we need!

With Firefox and chrome browsers you can now upload folders from computer to the cloud and drag files from your desktop into the documents list. If you have uploaded Microsoft Office files to Google docs, you can now open them from within Microsoft Office using Google cloud connect. This is a great function for us.

We have a dream that Google Docs will be used much than an office applications in the future. What most important is permanent availability of internet connection. Everything uploaded to Google doc is stored in a Google server.

This is best way of backing up of an important documents however only 1G is available for free but we hope Google will increase the capacity for people to upload more than 1G size of the documents.

So, the next time you come to the office, we hope you'll see less paper floating around!!

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Sennbrink said...

Welcome to the real world :)

My suggestion is that you set up some kind of backup in case of account closure (by Google) or loss of hardware used to access the online storage.