Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mbarak -Graduate at Zanzicode

Mbarak, as you know, is a Zanzibits training coordinator. He three years of training experience at Zanzibits, but as there is a statement which says "education never ends", so he decided to do some extra classes! In 2011, Mbarak joined a 6 month basic course at Zanzicode.

The six months were not enough to cover the whole curriculum, but the students learned all there was to learn about HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIP and little bit of PHP and jquery.

Finally the students did their exam of HTML and PHP for some students. Mbarak ended as the second best of his class! Below is a snapshoot image of Mbarak's scores in the final online exam at
About Zanzicode

Zanzicode provides free education in the field of Web Development to a small number of talented and motivated students of poor background in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zanzicode is a project of the Austria based NGO, in cooperation with Zanzibits.

It is an NGO which helps build the personal careers for the graduates as well as to start a local web development community. The work so far has proven that there is both talent and demand for professional web work in Zanzibar.

This is true especially now, as the digital gap between Africa and the rest of the world is closed a bit further by East-Africa's recent connection to the Seacom broadband internet cable.

Graduates of the Zanzicode class are meant to act as multiplicities in this emerging market, and will help to strengthen the flow of information and enable the interaction between Zanzibar and the rest of the world through the web.

The 6 month Basic Course is meant to pick up students which already gained basic knowledge of web technologies (HTML and CSS). With these prerequisites, we teach them basic mechanisms and programming concepts of the World Wide Web.

We stick to open standards and Open Source Software: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL. After the course, students are able to realize web applications on their own and are well prepared to get a job in the small but growing locally.

Good going, Mbarak!!

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