Thursday, July 28, 2011

Football match

Last week, Zanzibits played a friendly football match against the team from Drug-free Zanzibar (the Sobers). The game was held in Mnazimmoja at the Maisara pitch. All the Zanzibits players were teachers, students, and alumni.

Both teams arrived early, which enabled the game to start right on time. At 9:30 am, the referee blew the starting whistle.

The Sobers’ strikers drove quickly to attack our goal, but thanks to the strong defence of the Zanzibits team, led by stopper Jaku, the Sobers’ attacks were thwarted by Abdul Rauf, the goal keeper.

Our side had a tough time at first, because of the Sobers’ strong training, but the Zanzibits team gave their best to try to defeat them. As the game went on, team members showed skills they had never revealed before.

At the break both Zanzibits and Sobers made a few personnel changes, taking off some players and bringing on others.
The substitutions worked well, and both teams remained scoreless.
Corner kicks were used as a tie-breaker, but, finally, the strong defence of both teams resulted in no score on either side.

All the participants were satisfied with the outcome, thanks to fair refereeing and excellent play on both sides, and everyone went home happy.

Good game guys!

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