Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Film Class Begins

Film class started 4 July 2011. Two former Zanzibits students from the
class of 2011, Aboud N. Khamis and Jaku A. Vuai, were now teacher
trainees in charge of the film class. Well prepared by their Dutch
film teacher last year, the trainees said,

"We are really thankful for their enormous help, and now we are able
to teach our young brothers and sisters about film."

The class began with a Power Point introduction of film concepts and
an overview of the course curriculum, to let the students know what
they will be learning in film class from beginning to end.

The students were excited to start the class because many of them are
very interested in film.
After the introduction to film, the students
were asked questions about what they had just learned. Their answers
were perfect because they had followed the lesson well.

During the afternoon students were given an assignment to come up with
a short story to tell on film. They all did a great job, as the
teachers expected.

By the end of the day the students had become familiar with the
lessons of the first class and were looking forward to the next one.

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