Sunday, October 23, 2011

Excursion to the Zanzibar International Airport

The students had an excursion to the Zanzibar Airport. This excursion was the part of zanzibits curriculum, where students learn different things, also outside of school. They use the lessons they had and put them into practice, like designing, preparing a presentation of what they have seen during the tour. But the students don't only go for the assignment. They also go to understand things that they didn't know before.

The trip was nice and interesting. When they arrive at the airport, they were welcomed by the staff of the airport who deal with the education of visitors. On the day of the excursion the students got the chance to visit different places like:

- Tanzania civil Aviation (TCAA)
- Firefighting and rescue services (RFFs)
- Meteorological
- Tropical Air
- Zan Air

In the sectors named above, the students got enough knowledge to understand how different activities are run. They also got a chance to ask questions to the staff, because, of course, much information given was of a technical nature. Nevertheless, the students saw real life examples of how an airport is working, like when a plane is arriving and departing. Also the fire department demonstrated how they rescue the people or properties once an accident has occurred.

At the end of the day students were happy with the tour and now, back at school, they are going to design posters and flyers for the Zanzibar airport.

Good Luck students, and we hope that your work will be on display soon.

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