Friday, November 4, 2011

Branding -media lab assignment

During the entire month of October the Zanzibits staff and students are on holiday. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to rest and to travel to different places.

This past October some of them got a chance to visit the mainland, the island of Pemba (famous for its cloves), and Nungwi Village, a famous tourist destination, and the beautiful, amazing island of Mnemba, with dhow making and fishing activities. The island is naturally surrounded by the sea, but has a freshwater spring.

Students also had plenty of time to research different companies, looking for branding materials and contemplating their final project of creating dream companies.

On the first day back to class, the students' lesson starts with the presentation of branding assignments. The students do research on different companies, and then choose three products from those companies. Once they have chosen, they do more in-depth research on those specific products, highlighting color separation, design and layout, and other concepts.

The trainer gives a short introduction to the presentation, along with the lesson. Then the students present their branding research along with the names of their dream companies and slogans.

After the students’ presentations, the trainer makes some constructive suggestions and shows them how to conceptualize a brand for a company according to the design elements and principles. Additionally, the students start sketching the design for their dream company, using tools such as logos, posters, business cards and website development.

The lesson will enable the students to experience different aspects of the work environment, such as meeting with new people and promoting themselves, and helps them to become familiar with different companies located in Zanzibar, as the aim is to find jobs after graduating, develop their analytical skills, and come up with their own ideas.

It also helps them choose a design for their final project, a "dream company" with their own branding.

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